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Why is Deck Cleaning and Sealing Important?

At least once a week we will be asked by a homeowner to pressure wash a wooden deck. Before I even ask the size of the deck I fire right back with questions of my own, “Are you planning on sealing and staining it when we are finished?” Now you may think I ask this so we can piggyback services contracting services and make a few extra bucks off of one customer. Truth is we do not even offer deck sealing and staining so if pressure washing and staining are the only services you are looking for we will save you time and refer you to another pressure washing and deck staining company in your area.  While it seems like these services would go hand in hand we would rather refer you to a painting and staining specialist who not only has experience with pressure washing wooden decks but also sanding and staining. Unfortunately, it can get a bit expensive if you want it done correctly. This is because it is not generally a one day process. Most contractors will recommend pressure washing the first day and sanding and staining the next day. Why is Sealing or Staining Important At this point you may be asking yourself why sealing or staining a wooden deck or fence is important. Depending which source you read approximately half of residential homes in the United States have at least a wooden deck, siding, fence or roof. While this number may be declining in recent years due to the increased usage of composite materials like vinyl siding, composite decks and vinyl fences the point is there are a significant number of homeowners that still have some form of wooden materials used on the property. You probably know that rain, snow, and other precipitation can wear down natural wood and cause cracks, fading and in some cases mold and mildew. Over time sun light will cause fading in wood decks and fences. And, if you see some form of mold or dirt growing it will most likely not disappear on its own. Staining or sealing your deck can prevent all of these things at least for some period of time. Cleaning Product to Use Many homeowner...

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