How to Pressure Wash your Patio

There are two ways to pressure wash the siding on your house. The first is doing it yourself. The second is hiring a pressure washing contractor. If you choose the first way and do not own a pressure washing unit you can rent one for about $75 a day at your local hardware store. Keep in mind you may have to purchase chemicals separately.

If you choose the second way make sure your contractor has either contractor insurance or pressure washing insurance. A powerwashing company will use a machine that is similar to the machine in the below picture. Our trailer contains a hot/cold pressure washing machine as well as a 500 gallon water tank for those of you that do not have access to water.

Philadelphia Powerwashing Contractor

The most important aspect and what makes our pressure washer different from those that are generally rented at a hardware store is the water temperature. Most commercial grade pressure washing machines have the ability to heat water up to 250 degrees to remove those tough stains that may require heat to dissolve like oil spills.

Powerwashing your Driveway
From here, it is a three step process. You spray on whichever chemical you choose (depends on the material you are pressure washing), scrub down any necessary areas, and spray clean. There is really not much too it. You just need to learn which chemical to use on which product. A shingled roof may need chlorine, an asphalt driveway may stronger bleach, while certain types of vinyl siding may need hot water only.

Powerwashing Your Driveway
If you choose to go the second way and like the before and after photos pictured above please contact us at 215-703-8306 to setup a free estimate. We offer pressure washing, powerwashing, window cleaning and graffiti removal in the Greater Philadelphia area. To learn more about how to pressure wash please visit our blog.