Using Pressure Washers For Graffiti Removal

Using Pressure Washers For Graffiti Removal
By Lauren Zwiebel

Removing graffiti and other stains can be a nearly impossible task if you are armed with only brushes and water. Traditional techniques of cleaning, simply, do not work with graffiti since spray paint deeply penetrates and gets absorbed by porous concrete surfaces. Even cleaning professionals find it extremely difficult to remove graffiti from concrete surfaces. This is why it is time to adopt innovative cleaning machines, such as pressure washers, for graffiti removal. Used by cleaning professionals and businesses alike, steam and hot water pressure washers offer a guaranteed approach to controlling and eliminating graffiti stains from concrete.

Compared to the pressure levels of water that flows out from a garden hose, the pressure of water generated by commercial pressure cleaners can be up to 300 times greater. To effectively remove graffiti, it is best to use power cleaners in combination with green graffiti removal chemicals. The nano-sized molecules in advanced green cleaners work by penetrating deep into the concrete surface and breaking up all paint particles. Emulsified paint molecules can no longer adhere to treated surface, rendering them easy to blast away with a pressure cleaner.

Tips To Choose The Right Pressure Cleaner

While purchasing water pressure washers for demanding applications, like cleaning graffiti from concrete walls, it is important to choose the right version as per your specific requirements. Here are some tips to help you choose the best machine for you:

The pressure cleaners must feature rugged construction and top-grade components so they are continually reliable and powerful enough to perform consistently under the most demanding conditions. To ensure high-quality construction, always purchase commercial pressure washers from leading suppliers.

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One feature you must look out for is the pressure level of the pressure cleaners. Powerful industrial pressure washers are characterized by high pressure levels. Tough jobs like removing graffiti or rust stains from concrete surfaces are best tackled with pressure washers with high pressure levels of 3000 psi.

The next point to consider is the water flow rate that indicates how much water (in gallons) is ejected by power washers in one minute. For challenging tasks like graffiti removal, go for pressure washers with high flow rates of 3-5 GPM.

Advanced technologies such as auto shut off indicate top-grade pressure cleaners that are durable enough to prevent wearing of components from overheating. Auto shut off is a relatively new technology available from top suppliers, shutting down the pump and motor of an electric pressure cleaners during periods of inactivity to prevent unnecessary wear.

The pressure washer suppliers offer a wide variety of options and additional tools to meet your needs. Look for a supplier that provides powerful green chemicals in addition to versatile pressure washing machines for complete graffiti removal.

There are plenty of online distributors offering high-performance pressure cleaners. Simply, browse and find the one who offers the widest range of top-grade, technologically advanced and durable pressure cleaners at reasonable rates.

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