How to Powerwash Brick

Brick walls make for a classic exterior appearance to a house. They do require periodic cleaning to stay looking brand new, however. You can clean a brick wall with a moderate amount of time and effort with a pressure washer.

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1) Protect the area adjacent the brick that you want to wash. Wet and cover all surrounding vegetation, cover or disconnect any nearby electrical components and close all doors and windows. Purchase a cleaning detergent for use in pressure washers, which are available at most home improvement stores.

2) Patch any cracks in the brick or mortar to prevent water from seeping behind the wall and let the patches dry for a week.

3) Adjust the tip on the pressure washer nozzle to low pressure mode. Refer to the owner’s manual of the pressure washer on how to adjust the pressure. Put the detergent injection tip into the cleaning solution.

4) Aim the pressure washer at the brick wall and depress the trigger. Work from the bottom to the top of the wall in sections.

5) Scrub any stubborn dirty areas on the brick with a stiff bristle brush. You may need to pay particular attention to the mortar as it’s usually a lighter color and shows more dirt.

6) Switch the pressure washer to high pressure mode and remove the injector from the cleaning solution. Purge any detergent from the pressure washer by spraying until no more suds come from the nozzle.

7) Wash off the detergent residue from the brick. Start from the top and rinse down the wall in sections.

8) Make sure to rinse down the brick thoroughly and don’t leave any detergent on the surface of the brick.

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