Harsh Winter… Spring Cleaning

With this seemingly never ending harsh Winter property owners should prepare themselves for a thorough Spring Cleaning over the next several weeks. The snow, sleet, rain and hail from the handful of storms that shocked the Northeast over the past few months combined with freezing temperatures may have a residual effect on the exterior of  your properties, walkways, roofing, and driveways if not cleaned properly.

The sub-zero temperatures have led to tons and tons of rock salt and other ice melting chemicals to be spread throughout public walkways, streets and highways as well as residential sidewalks, driveways, and streets. While the melting products being used seemingly worked wonders to get rid of the ice and snow, they not only can easily damage your cement and asphalt, but can spread to other areas of your property like decks and porches because of natural foot traffic.

If you rent or own a commercial property that is in a high traffic area or you have a parking lot or loading dock in which a high volume of vehicles pass through on a daily basis, the puddles of rain, snow and slush can become airborne and spread to other parts of your property including your building. And while my intention is not to scare you I would like you to be made aware that the salt and ice melting products could have the same corrosive effects on your building as they have on walkways.

We’ve all seen the white residue that remains shortly after the snow melts ruin a carpet or two of your local convenient store. If you have used rock salt or other ice melting products and think you are in need of pressure washing give us a shout!