Transform Backyard into Haven

Published: August 28, 2011 3:00 a.m.
Transform backyard into haven

Rosemary Sadez Friedmann | Scripps Howard News Service
Not inclined to put in a fire pit? So how do you make your backyard patio a relaxing and fun refuge?

According to experts, a good surface, good lighting, good seating, and good cooking and dining spaces are essential. And don’t forget the grill.

Philadelphia Deck Pressure Washing

Make Deck Inviting

A crumbling, messy deck isn’t pretty. If your deck is made of wood and still in good condition, go ahead and power-wash it or sand and restain it. If it needs more repair than that, you might consider replacing it with a wood-alternative deck that won’t need that care every year or two.

Some wood-alternative decks come in colors, so you can select one that fits your décor.

Be careful with color, though. Neutral usually works best because an intense color might become annoying over time.

If you have a concrete or brick patio, the power-washing can do wonders, as can a low-cost patterned outdoor carpet that defines a seating area or dining space.

Pressure Washing your Siding


A complete outdoor grilling station can cook a full meal, and this full meal can be prepared while you and your family and friends are enjoying that wonderful backyard. It won’t even seem like work. A rolling two-shelved cart to get items from the house to the grill can add ease.

Upgrade Seating

For a comfortable outdoor haven, you are going to need to get rid of those folding patio chairs.

They work in a pinch, but they certainly don’t make for that backyard-haven thing you’re going for.

Select seating that is comfortable, and be sure the seating is of your liking and not simply something that is on sale. Sales are important, and now is the time to find end-of-season bargains, but don’t be drawn into purchasing simply by the price tag.

Remember that you are creating your own personal vacation spot. Select furniture that is waterproof and won’t need sanding and staining or painting on a regular basis.

Shed some Light

Moveable table-top patio lanterns or flameless candles can provide ambience as well as light. So can lining paths, garden beds or patio edges with good-quality solar lights. Consider lighting large shrubs and trees with small white light strings as you would for Christmas for a magical touch. Or string transparent cables of LED lights along the roof line of the house or patio pergola.

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