High Flow, Electric Pressure Washers Attain 79.4°C without Fumes

PressMediaWire.com (Press Release Distribution) – Aug 25,2011 –
WOBURN, MA — Daimer Industries, Inc., a primary source of industrial-grade electric pressure washers, has announced specifications for its Vapor-Flo® 7920, the second model in the company’s completely-electric Vapor-Flo® 7900 series. The 7920 electric power cleaning machines are wheel-mounted for mobility and powered by a heavy-grade 3.0 HP electric motor unit. The new machines can produce water flow rates of 6.4 LPM, pressure levels to 140 bar (2030 psi) and heated cleaning to 79.4°C.
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“These 7920 electric pressure washers offer a unique configuration: high flow, high pressure and modest temperature,” said Daimer.com Vapor-Flo® equipment executive Matthew Baratta. “Above all, these machines deliver power and limit noise and exhaust fumes.”

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Daimer®’s Vapor-Flo® 7920 systems are the just the second products to be announced in the 7900 line, which includes seven other units. The other units include machines with as much as 150 bar, 10.2 LPM and 96.1°C. (Two other systems in the line also offer 79.4°C: the 7.6 LPM 7940 and the 10.2 LPM 7990.)

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Each of the electric pressure washers in the 7900 line comes in a powder-coated housing composed of steel for durability. The machines all engineered for 50 Hz, 3 phase, 440-volt power. The systems include a low-noise, exhaust-reducing design that is marketed to cleaning professionals operating in food distribution, nursing and hospitality environments.

The 7920 electric pressure washers can clean with either cold or hot water and support cleaning chemical dispersion via a siphon-infusion system. Each of machines is shipped with Daimer®’s own 76.2 cm quick-disconnecting, trigger wand for easy set up and operation.

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