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Gas Stations

It is not difficult to understand how a gas station can become saturated with soot, oil and gas stains, and general dirt. With hundred and sometimes thousands of vehicles traveling through a small area on a weekly basis it is nearly impossible to keep a gas station looking perfect for too long. And, if the right pressure washing contractor is not hired to handle the job it may not look perfect just after it is cleaned. So why is it so difficult to clean a gas station?

Pressure Washing a Gas Station

First off a gas station will have a combination of concrete, asphalt, aluminum and steel areas. A gas station will also have a combination of dirt, soot, oil spills, unleaded gas spills, diesel gas spills,  and common vehicle leak spills throughout the area. A common misconception is that powerwashing contractors simply uses high pressure to clean everything. Unfortunately this is not the case. A cleaning agent that may work on aluminum will not work with concrete. A cleaning agent that may work with concrete will not work on oil spills. A cleaning agent that may work on oil spills will not work on windows. Using cold water may work on asphalt but will not suffice for concrete. The list goes on.

Services Offered

  • aluminum canopy underside cleaning
  • concrete fuel pad under canopy
  • aluminum canopy cleaning
  • retail store building
  • pump dispensers
  • car wash aprons
  • sidewalks and walkways
  • concrete fueling pads
  • dumpster areas
  • signage

J&J Power Wash offers commercial gas station pressure washing services. No matter how dirty your concrete or asphalt is we can help. To set up a free estimate call us 215-703-8306 or fill out our online form. Click on the images below to enlarge them or visit our portfolio page for additional before and after pictures.

gas station before 1gas station aftergas station before 2gas station after 1gas station dirty 1gas station clean 1 gas station cleangas station dirty sidewalk clean sidewalk dirty Gas Station Before Gas Station AfterGas Station Dirty Gas Station CleanGas Station Concrete Before Gas Station Concrete AfterGas Station Powerwashing Before Gas Station Powerwashing AfterGas Station Ceiling Dirty Gas Station Ceiling CleanGas Station Pressure Washing Before Gas Station Pressure Washing AfterGas Station Power Washing Before  Gas Station Power Washing After

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