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Soft Washing

Most homeowners are unaware that most of the work performed by any legitimate pressure washing contractor is actually what we refer to as a soft wash.

The technique of soft washing uses low, non-destructive pressure and biodegradable cleaning solutions to clean the exterior of your home. This technique is most common with outdoor elements like stains, pollen, dirt, moss, mold, and algae.

Our experts try and utilize soft washing techniques as much as possible as pressure washing as it is low pressure but a high volume of water.

If you would like to educate yourself on soft washing techniques please feel free to read more on our soft washing page.

Soft washing residential homes has quickly become the safest means for homeowners and most effective means for the pressure washing contractor to clean mold, fungus, dirt, grime and algae on a litany of exterior surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

Most of our customers ask us what a low pressure roof cleaning or soft wash will remove. If done correctly, the answer is almost anything.

J&J Power Wash specializes in Roof Cleaning and Soft Washing for those black roof stains or those areas of the roof with mold, mildew, streaks, dirt or fungus.

If you think you could utilize our roof cleaning services feel free to give us a call for a free quote.